Pulses Size (min) FOB Prices
Chick Peas  500gms   
Dal Chana  500gms   
Dal Mong  500gms   
Mong Whole  500gms   
Dal Mash  500gms   
Masoor Whole  500gms   
Dal Masoor  500gms   
Red Kidney Beans  500gms   
Black Chana  500gms   
Black eye peas  500gms   

Ground Spices Size (min) FOB Prices
Red chilli Whole  150gms   
Red chilli Crushed  300gms   
Red chilli Powder  300gms   
Corriander Whole  200gms   
Corriander Powder  300gms   
Cumin Seed whole  200gms   
Cumin Seed powder  300gms   
Black Pepper whole  200gms   
Black Pepper powder  300gms   
Cinnamon Sticks  150gms   
Cinnamon Sticks powder  300gms   
Turmeric whole  300gms   
Turmeric Powder  300gms   
Garlic Powder  300gms   
Ginger Powder  300gms   

Ready Recipes Size (min) FOB Prices
Bombay Biryani Masala  70gms   
Quorma Masala  50gms   
Fish Masala  50gms   
Tikka Masala  50gms   
Nihari Masala  55gms   
Achar Gosht Masala  50gms   
Paya Masala  50gms   
Haleem Masala  50gms   
Chat Masala  300gms   
Dehi Bara Masala  300gms   
Chicken Karahi Masala  300gms   
Seek Kabab Masala  300gms   
Chappli Kabab Masala  300gms   
Shaami Kabab Masala  300gms   
Mutton Karahi Masala  300gms   
Vegetable Karahi Masala  300gms   
Tandoori Masala  300gms   

Miscellaneous items
Size (min)
FOB Prices
Fried Onions 200gms  
Kasuri Methi 100gms  
Gram Flour (Baisin) 300gms  
Dal Moong powder
(for making Dehi Bara)
Dal Mash powder
(for making Dehi Bara)
Aanar Dana
(Pomegranate seeds) 
Aanar Dana powder
(Pomegranate seeds powder) 

Salts Size (min) FOB Prices
Tabel Salt (refined/ Iodized) 1Kg  
Tabel Salt (Rock) 750gms  
Salt(Rock) in Pieces
(from 1/2kg to 5kgs Size)
Salt(Rock) in Pieces
(from 5kg to 100kgs Size)

Desserts Size (min) FOB Prices
Vermicelli (Thin) 200gms  
Vermicelli (Thick) 200gms  
Pasta unroasted 350gms  
Pasta roasted 400gms  
Pasta Multicolors 400gms  

Wheat Flour Size (min) FOB Prices
Heer Brand Chakki Atta
(wheat flour)
Wheat Flour (fine) 1kg  
Suji (semolina) 1kg  

Pickles Size (min) FOB Prices
Mix Pickles 320gms
Mango Pickles 320gms  
Lemon Pickles 320gms  
Garlic Pickles 320gms  
Lasora Pickles 320gms  
Krela Pickles 320gms  
Green Chilli Pickles 320gms  

Dry Fruits Size (min) FOB Prices
Fig (Injeer)  250gms   
Raisin  250gms   
Dry Apricot  250gms   
Dry Dates  250gms   
Almond Kernel  250gms   
Walnuts Kernel  250gms   
Peanuts Kernel  250gms   
Pinenuts Kernel  250gms   
Sesame seeds  250gms   
Farm Fresh Dates 200gms  

Size (min) FOB Prices
following all items are deep fried
Nimco Mix 250gms  
Special Dal Moth 250gms  
Dal Moth (Normal) 250gms  
Coated Peanuts 250gms  
White Peanuts 250gms  
Skin Peanuts 250gms  
Spicy Peants 250gms  
Finger Chips 250gms  
Chilli finger Chips 250gms  
Hot Sticks 250gms  
Fine Sew 250gms  
Sew Murmura 250gms  
Masala Sew 250gms  
Aloo Basin Sew 250gms  
Dal Chana Sew 250gms  
Shakar Paray 250gms  
Namak Paray 250gms  
Gatia 250gms  
Chilli Gatia 250gms  
Dal Mong  250gms  
Dal Chana  250gms  
Kabli Chana  250gms  
Peas 250gms  
Chewra salty 250gms  
Special Sweet Chewra 250gms  
Kashmiri Makkai 250gms  
Dehi Boundi 250gms  
Bareek Dahi Boundi 250gms  


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