Dana Basmati Rice

Dana Basmati Rice

We also export top quality fresh dates all over the world.

Dates are a very health friendly fruit. Its benefits to heath are as under!

Fresh dates are used by every Muslim during the fasting month of Ramazan. Fast is opened in evening by eating dates as religious ritual.

Fresh dates are also used in baking by bakeries and home users to make culinary desserts, shakes, cakes etc. for its high taste and high nutritional value.

Dates palms grow mostly in deserts in very high temperatures. They contain high nutrition and nourishing health friendly organic way. Already proved in research include!

All natural fruit growing in deserts where no fertilizer or chemical is used, & desert dates can be safely declared as “ORGANIC” fruit.

Dates are regarded as full rich meal food of the tough life desert inhabitants, who use them as regular meal whole year round. Dates provide them full nutrition of food.

Dates palm and its fruit is the oldest plant & fruit on earth. So far dates palms traces have been found about 6000
years ago.

Pakistan is the third largest exporter of fresh and dried dates in the world.

The prices of Pakistani dates of good regular grade are among the lowest in the world while quality is extra sweet, flavored and completely organic. No fertilizers or chemicals are used in Dates growing deserts.



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Dana Basmati Rice
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